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ACME Lumping & Logistics, LLC

Seamless Lumper Services for Efficient Moving

Your Trusted Partner for Freight Movement and Storage


हम आपकी कंपनी के साथ काम करने के लिए उत्सुक हैं!

Hassle-Free Movement By Expert Lumper

ACME Lumping & Logistics, LLC holds a credible reputation in the lumper services industry. We help trucking companies with dock trans-loading, dock cross-loading, and temporary and long-term commercial freight storage services in Seattle, WA. Our extensive experience in the industry reflects in our services. We cater to trucking companies, beverage brokers, and overseas ship docks. As seasoned professionals, we understand the intricate challenges involved in trans-loading and cross-docking operations.

If you’ve faced subpar experiences with freight movement, allow us to restore your faith. ACME is synonymous with trust among Seattle’s trucking professionals. You don’t have to rely solely on our claims; let the quality of our services speak for itself. Simply give us a call, share your requirements, and leave the rest to us.

We Have a Highly Facilitated Loading and Unloading Dock!

ACME Lumping & Logistics, LLC is your one-stop solution to all lumping and storage needs. Our loading and unloading dock is highly equipped to meet your demands.

Expert Lumping Services to Fit Your Unique Requirements

At ACME Lumping & Logistics, LLC our commitment to customer satisfaction knows no bounds. We put our customers first. Our professional crew hears you out for all your concerns and discusses the best solutions with you before initiating the movement process. We believe in turning your challenges into efficient solutions so you can keep up with your schedule.  

Short & Long-Term Storage Services

Worried about storing your cargo before you take it to your warehouse? Our short and long-term storage services can take the burden off your shoulders to keep you on schedule.

Drayage Services

Drayage is a pivotal step in freight movement that demands a professional touch. Our drayage experts conduct a thorough analysis and handle freight with the utmost care, ensuring damage-free ground transportation.

Restacking of Freight

Our top priority is the safety of freight. We thoroughly analyze unsafe freight pallets and reorganize them to ensure complete equipment safety during movement operations.

Cross Docking Services

Cross docking is a tricky process, and we thoroughly understand the complications involved. Our experts carefully manage pre-distribution and post-distribution cross-docking operations to fit your needs.

Transloading Services

Transloading of sensitive goods can be full of risks. Our trans-loading crew carefully moves your cargo between various modes of transportation without impacting your goods.

ACME Exceeds Your Expectations as the Best Seattle Lumping Service

At ACME Lumping & Logistics, LLC we aim for more than you need. Our experts are highly passionate about what they do and love to go the extra mile to ensure safe product transportation. 

Ready to Get Started? ACME Lumping & Logistics, LLC Awaits Your Call!

As professionals in the lumper services industry, we are dedicated to delivering quality services to our clients across Seattle, WA. We ensure fool-proof freight management and movement based on your needs to earn you the satisfaction you expect.

As a container trucking company, we can also assist you in packing, unpacking, loading, and off-loading tasks to streamline your cargo movement and keep you on schedule. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get started.

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